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Lake Nona is a global leader in technology and innovation – whether it’s self-driving cars, air taxis, or 5G. But when it came to the customer experience of buying a home there was room for improvement. The scale and complexity of the community made it hard to find homes, and the process of actually buying the home was slow. The XO has transformed how customers find homes and radically simplified the approvals process, helping drive leads, faster sales, and lower costs.


How do you take a 10,000 acre community and make it easier to navigate, manage, and buy a home?

Lake Nona is a remarkable community. It’s providing a modern and diverse living experience across organic, growing neighborhoods with wide-ranging, exceptional amenities. But that beauty and scale are hard for consumers to navigate and difficult to manage as the developer.

Tavistock asked Cecilian Partners to figure out three things.

One – how can we help consumers find homes and drive leads for builders?

Two – how can we better manage the different builders and submissions, so architectural approvals are faster, more accurate, and less time consuming?

And three – how can we make sure the solution accelerates other technology investments that have already been made (i.e. Salesforce, ArcGIS)?

Lake Nona Infrastructure by Tavistock Development Company
Lake Nona Infrastructure by Tavistock Development Company


Cecilian Partners started with the business needs. Which processes needed the most improvement? Where was all the data and where was it going? How would the map integrate into and support the new website being developed? How were sales people using the current technology solutions, and how did The XO complement them?

Cecilian Partners worked as an integrated part of the Tavistock team to identify those processes and map out new ways of working, track down historical data and digitize it, learn and improve sales processes online and in person, and develop specific integrations that built on the flexible API infrastructure of The XO.


The XO is now a core part of the technology and data architecture at Lake Nona. All the builders at Laureate Park use it exclusively to submit sales and architectural approvals – and it’s cut their time and effort massively. It’s the system of record for Tavistock on approvals and notifications for the builders – cutting weeks from the process and creating a living database that allows at-a-glance understanding of everything happening in the community. And it’s fully integrated with Salesforce and ArcGIS – eliminating silos and adding real value to the Tavistock team’s understanding of prospects, conversions, and customer experience.

All this “operations” stuff is what enables a modern customer experience. The XO provides potential home buyers with a remarkable map experience that allows them to explore Lake Nona and see real-time inventory. It allows them to request more information without leaving the experience. It lives within the Brightdoor kiosk solution so the digital and physical come together. And it means buying a house happens much more quickly and with a lot less uncertainty.


The XO has become a critical part of operating Lake Nona.

Approval times for builders are down from 3+ weeks to 3 days, at an approval rate of 95% (vs. 70% before). This means less time and frustration and happier customers for builders. It’s driving high quality leads through website. And the team at Tavistock has access to high-quality, real-time, connected data that is helping them plan for inventory, optimize future phases, and make pricing decisions.

Reduction in arc approval time
Improvement in approval accuracy
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